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Frequently Asked Questions:

How far in advance do I need to order a birthday cake?

We request 3-4 days advance notice to customize your cake. Please call to order (216) 481-4188.


Do you ship?

We are now shipping our most popular baked goods nationwide on


How can I order a wedding cake?

You may make an appointment with Valinda to discuss your dream wedding dream! Call to book an appointment (216) 481-4188.


Do you give out any recipes?

All original Hough Bakeries recipes are proprietary to our business, and we do not distribute them.


Why are you only open for retail service on the weekends?

Everything in our bakery is made from scratch with no added preservatives. In order to maintain the freshness of our baked goods, we focus on providing quality items on the weekend instead of large quantities throughout the week.


Why don’t you make more of the old Hough Bakeries items?

Hough made dozens of items at its peak. Hough also had hundreds of employees that worked in production along with machines that were made to automate processes specifically for some of these items. The recipes made call for very large quantities, so we’re not able to make just one or two items.


Why do you only sell fudge items during cooler months?

Our fudge is made with a lot of butter, and it does not hold up in warmer temperatures (even with air conditioner). It will melt!


What has been your response to COVID-19?

We require employees and customers to wear masks and we limit the number of customers allowed in the store to 4 at a time.

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